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Below you can observe some of the services that we provide.

In depth skin mole analysis

Dermatrack's mole comprehensive analysis includes characteristic extraction such as the asymmetry, border, color, diameter which can be significantly helpful to an expert. Furthermore, they are used within our algorithm to identify the danger of the mole and alert the user.

Moles personal archive

The app has the capability of storing all the results and images in a structured manner for easy access either by the user or by an expert. This archive can be stored either locally or online to provide backup and wider access capabilities.

Comparison of results over time

The alterations on the characteristics of a skin mole is a major symptom of skin cancer. Dermatrack can compare results over time and provide a report of the changes easy to understand for the user and useful to examine for an expert.

Why use DermaTrack

1 in 3 cancers is skin cancer

There are over 14 millions cancer incidents of cancer globally every year. Approximately, 34% percent of these occurencies are skin canncers.

90+% Survival Rate

Most of the times skin cancer is not diagnosed early and treatment is difficult. By having an early diagnosis survival and successful treatment rates can reach even 98%.

Experts suggest a skin-cancer self examination once a month

By checking your skin every month for irregularities that might be early cancer, and bringing those changes to your doctor's attention, you can play a key role in protecting your life.


Below is our exciting journey to DermaTrack's development.

  • 2014-2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The idea was born when Nikos noticed a skin mole on the upper area of his eye. After a dermatologist visit he was told to check for any alterations regularly. Consequently after some weeks he realised that he could check the mole without help of a tool.

  • June 2015

    WATIFY Competition

    With the idea written down we participated in the WATIFY entrepreneur ship competition. After 2 months of mentoring, hard work and a lot of pivoting we manage to create a business plan and win the 2nd place.

  • June 2015


    After we managed to complete the idea at conceptual level we knew that we had to start developing an actual product. With the hack{cyprus} event approaching we thought that it would be a nice opportunity to participate. As a result we created a primitive prototype of the application at hack{cyprus}.

  • September 2015

    Rijeka Startup Bootcamp

    With the idea and with a prototype in our hand we participated in the Startup Bootcamp 2015 competition which is financially backed by US Embassy Zagreb ,US Embassy Cyprus and organised by STeP Ri, CRANE and ZIP. After 5 days of hard work and mentoring, we made some changes in our business plan and we won the 1st place.

  • Now

    App development

    At this current stage we are trying to expand our team and simultaneously improve our prototype by adding more accurate functionality.

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Our Amazing Team

B.Sc. Nikos Mouzouras

Founder and CEO

B.Sc. Antreas Pogiatzis

Co-Founder and CTO

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